Pat Bass

Photo by BBA photographer

Patricia Bass is an adult beginner violinist. Violin is her third musical career. Pat studied  piano throughout childhood  and had a lot of fun playing duets with a violinist cousin, and has done a lot of singing: children’s choir at church; high school glee club; and Oberlin College Musical Union (a chorus/orchestra group devoted to performing great works such as Symphony of Psalms).

Pat started taking violin lessons at the New England Conservatory School of Continuing Education (SCE). At the time, she didn’t think the violin would very difficult to learn because she had studied music theory, knew how to read music, including scores, and noticed violin music was mostly a line of notes in one clef. And she stuck with it even after realizing that without the typewriter-like visual guide of the piano, finding the notes was a challenge even if one knew their names! Her first orchestral experience was with the SCE’s Chamber Symphony.

Pat joined the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra in 2000. In addition to the CSO, she’s a member of the Lawyers Orchestra of the Boston Bar Association, as befits her paying job as a lawyer in the Office of General Counsel at Boston Medical Center.