Cambridge Symphony Orchestra
3 Union Terrace
Cambridge, MA 02141
844-276-4634 or 844-CSO-4634


Cambridge Symphony Orchestra offers Group Sales.  Please call or email to inquire about discounted pricing.


Board of Directors

Josh Garstka, President

Robert Berens, Secretary

Brian Bunnell, Logistics

Christopher Carter, Box Office & Ticketing

Abe Dewing, Vice President, Director of Marketing & Social Media

Tom Engeln, Treasurer

Eron Hackshaw, Legal

Andrew Leeson, Strategic Planning

Emily Richmond Pollock, Program Notes

Rachel Spiller, Co-Founder & Development

Ellen Newell, Board Member Emeritus

Carol Thomas, Board Member Emeritus, Public Relations


Artistic Staff

Cynthia Woods, Music Director

Lina Marcela Gonzalez, Assistant Conductor



Heather Classen, Lead Designer

Aram Comjean, Photographer

Audrey Dunne, Librarian

Allison Eck, Special Engagement Projects

Adam Mauskapf, Personnel Manager

Andy Pollock, Website Support

Andy Weigl, Photographer